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Interested in the opportunities and programs we have to offer here at Lauderdale by the Sea Realty? Find out more below!

Become an Agent
More than ever before, real estate professionals are choosing Lauderdale By The Sea Realty for their educational training  and wealth building opportunities which empower their careers towards new heights.
Veterans Outreach Program
Lauderdale By The Sea Realty has organized several prorams geared towards the betterment of America's homeless Veterans. The purpose of such programs is to ensure that homeless Veterans or at-risk Veterans who have served  America with pride, have  24/7 access to trained crisis counselors for free who are ready, willing and able to assist them. Such programs are primarilty intended, not only to assist homeless Veterans, but to assist their families as well.
Work Study Program
Lauderdale By The Sea Realty provides on-the-job training specifically for scholars in the university setting who wish to become skilled in the art of real estate initiatives prior to graduaton. These college students are able to spend up to a year of intense training in the field of real estate while, at the same time, earning valuable work experience , as well as educational credits. All college students are welcome to apply for admission into the program.
Home Placement Programs
Safe housing is one of the most basic needs that a citizen can possess. But, for many who are classified as being a member of America's most vulnerable population,  homelessness has become an unfortunate norm. Because of this, Lauderdale By The Sea is instruemental in assuring that young people, survivors of domestic abuse, recovering addicts, and prison survivors are provided with viable transitional and emergency housing with more than just four walls and a roof.